Samples of Acceptable forms of ID for the State of Washington

The following are samples of the ID’s that someone with a Washington State Alcohol Servers Permit (MAST permit) can accept when checking ID for age verification.

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Washington State Driver License - New and Old

Washington Drivers License since July 2010
Washington Drivers License before July 2010

Washington State Drivers License for Minors - New and Old

Washington Drivers License for Minors since July 2010
Washington Drivers License for Minors before July 2010

Temporary Driver License

Washington Temporary Drivers License

Washington State Enhanced Driver License and ID

Washington Enhanced Driver License
Washington Enhanced ID card

Washington State ID Card For Minors - New and Old

Washington State ID Card - New and Old

Merchant Marine Card

Official Passport

United Sates Passport issued by the U.S Department of State. The US passport contains fibers of different colors and a strip in all the pages visible under a black light. The colors red white and blue are revealed on the strip. The passport card reveals a blue seal and red eagle when seen under a black light. These are part of the security features to avoid falsification.

Passport Card

The Department of State has also issued passport cards since July 2008, which are valid for travel by Americans via land and sea between the United States and Canada, Mexico, most Caribbean territories, and Bermuda.

Military ID

Other Forms of Military ID's